Elizabeth Volpe Bligh Harp

Articles by Elizabeth Volpé Bligh, Principal Harp, Vancouver Symphony

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 Practice Habits
Performance Anxiety
Take the Harm Out of Harmonics
Arranging for Beginners
Moving Harps
Tuning by Ear
Audition Preparation
Writing for the Pedal Harp
Orchestra Tips for Beginners
Tips on Orchestra Survival
Theory and Arranging


Sounding Board article on how to mark rental parts, January 2014, Vol. 22 issue of Harp Column magazine.

Next Harp Column article on Nutcracker, coming soon.

Harp Haikus and Assorted Doggerel by Elizabeth Volpé Bligh: 

I tune. I warm up.
What shall I work on today?
Ring! Who'll get the phone?

The harp is so cool.
Once plucked, it plays itself.
What's not to love?